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Dogs are not our whole life, but
they make our lives whole. - Roger Caras

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Inspired by a cute coffee shop in Portland, Maine, we figured out how to make this completely insane breakfast muffin recipe that is a breakfast within a breakfast.

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I don’t eat white flour, so I tried making it with raw almonds that I’d activated by chewing them with my mouth open to receive direct sunlight, and it turned out terrible. This recipe is terrible.

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I had a hard time just picking one. Runner up was:

“I just started Paleo yesterday, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to make this without the ingredients.”

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“Have you considered making a version of this margherita pizza for your readers who are trying to avoid gluten, dairy and nightshades? What if I shoved a roll of basil leaves in my mouth, do you think that would taste good?”

Seriously, this is so dead on.

(via ariverisariver)

(via ariverisariver)


awwww-cute: Camping with a dog


awwww-cute: Camping with a dog


Back in 1976, Roger Minick started teaching photography workshops at Yosemite National Park, but he soon became more interested in capturing the delightfully tacky tourists flocking to the best views.

Lucky for us, Roger compiled all of his work into the magnificent “Sightseer Series,” which will have you reminiscing about that family trip to the Grand Canyon.

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This: Vintage Tourist Photos

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Touching story.





The future is here and it’s horrible

The future is here and it’s horrible. (*crying laughter*)

This is why I can’t trust driverless cars.

That third one cracks my shit up every time.



100 Bass Riffs: A Brief History of Groove on Bass and Drums

I’m not a bass player or a drummer… but 100 bass riffs played in one continuous take… I ain’t got nothin’ but love for that.  This is just sick. Sick.

Holy shit.  The key changes.  The meter changes.  I can’t imagine doing this in one take.


Cotton field outside Seminole, Texas

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a flying foxterrier


Two Determined American Bulldogs Work As a Team to Successfully Retrieve a Tire from a Backyard Pool

I can hear this bulldog thinking, “If only there was some way to go underwater without drowning!”